Our Story

Our Story

The ‘Griechenbeisl’ has been serving guests for 550 years. It has gone by many names, from the ‘Gasthaus zum gelben Adler’ to the ‘ Gasthaus zum goldenen Engel’. After Greek traders settled in the area, the inn received the Viennese name ‘Beisl’. Today guests can enjoy the delightful music of a zither player in the same room as the famous ‘Der liebe Augustin’ sang and performed with his bagpipe in the 17th century. Every Viennese child knows the songs and stories about ‘Der liebe Augustin’ who fell into a plaque pit while intoxicated with alcohol, and yet survived.

At the entrance of the ‘Griechenbeisl’ you can find “the plague pit”, a reminder of this legendary incident. For many centuries the ‘Griechenbeisl’ was a meeting place for artists, scholars and politicians many of whom are immortalized by their signatures on the walls the famous ‘Mark Twain Room’. In this room you will find signatures from the likes of Karl Lueger, Graf Bismarck, Egon Schiele or Johnny Weissmüller.

The ground floor consists of 5 guest rooms (Rundes Zimmer, Zitherstüberl, Karlsbader and Mark Twain room). On the 1st floor are 3 more guest rooms (Jagdzimmer, Kerzenzimmer and Biedermeier room). All rooms are available for private bookings.

The kitchen serves traditional Viennese cuisine with classics such as Wiener Schnitzel or Roastbraten. We serve you seasonal delicacies such as game meat from Waldviertel or our wonderfully delicious Kaiserschmarrn dessert. We also have a selection of delightful Vegetarian dishes.

We welcome you to the historical ‘Griechenbeisl’ for an authentic Viennese dining experience.